Monday, April 20, 2009

Knitting and More

So, here are some pics as promised. I have been thinking for a while now about knitting myself a top so mum and I toddled into town a few weeks ago and I got a pattern, needles and some yarn (100% cotton Double Knitting) and this is progress so far:

This is the back, just a couple of inches to go and I can start on the arm holes. I don't think I would have attempted this if I didn't have access to a pro-knitter (thanks mum).

I have also got some beady pics to show:

Aqua Daisies, these are made with Effetre Ivory and Light Turquoise. I really like the way you get the grey/brown outline as the glass reacts. The next set 'Navy Batik Daisies' using Effetre Cobalt Blue and Ivory:

I am really pleased with the next set of beads. They are bigger and a slightly different shape to the ones I usually make. I am aiming for round beads rather than doughnut shapes. I used this tutorial as a guide, thanks Diana

I am really pleased with the way these turned out. However, as this is a new size/shape for me I found it difficult to space the dots evenly around the beads.

The next bead is a brightly coloured jolly chap:

That's all for now, we did buy some new CiM glass and some frit blends so I hope to get in the studio and play with them some time soon.

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rusty61 said...

I love the colour of the wool you're knitting with. Make sure to post photos of the finished project so we can ooh and aah!

I also love the beads you're making, especially the daisy ones. I can't wait to see what you end up creating with them!