Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dotty Flowers Pendants

The Dotty Flowers of a previous post have become pendants. This is version 1:
Version 1 was developed and so Version 2 was born:
These pendants came about after reading Kerry's blog entry about her 'Doodabs'. I love the way Kerry puts together beads that are totally unrelated and makes them work.
I have been having a play with some of the glass mum and I bought at the Flame Off. Please excuse the very poor photos, I just took a couple of quick shots while preparing food for the masses:
The base of this flower is CiM Smurfy with dots of CiM Lapis and Effetre Nile Green. I really like this colour combo so I think I will get these rods out for the next session.

Oh dear this photo hasn't come out very well. The base of this bead is Lapis with Nile Green and Smurfy stacked dots. I then encased the bead and lost the shape so I used my trusty mashers and nuggetised (new word). The result is a lot more pleasing to look at in the flesh. I did make more beads but they aren't worthy of even the slightest glimpse. I just wasn't getting in the flow today.

There is a bit of an update on the knitting front although its not good news. I finished the back section the other night and was lovingly inspecting my handy work when I spotted a dropped stitch on the moss stitch band at the bottom!!!!!!!!!!! I will admit I did swear, and I haven't looked at it since. I am hoping that mum can do a 'fix' for me, I am a perfectionist though so I am debating starting again with it......

Have a good week. Mum and I are going to Select at Bath, to look at the goodies and to consider whether we should go down the wholesale route, who knows we might exhibiting next year.

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Kerry said...

Hey Yvette... thank you so much for the link and I am glad I could inspire so new pendants for you! I love the color combo use used!!