Monday, September 28, 2009

Tea Parties and Fireworks

So, the summer holidays are well and truly behind us and we had a great time. My girls love to dress up and get out their teaset and Reuben loves to join them and boy can he drink tea, he takes after his 'Grumps'.

The end of the summer break was marked with the Devizes Carnival and International Street Festival and a superb firework display that was a real spectacle without too much of the huge bangs synonymous with firework displays.

I have spent a few hours in the workshop but alas no photos at the moment. I have also been busy knitting, there will be some images promise. I know we've all heard it before but now my little boy is in nursery two mornings a week, hopefully I will soon be back to full strength and I can find a flow. I have bought a Mrsite and I fully intend to get this websote done once and for all. I am also in the process of designing some new workshops for the next timetable at Potato Patch Crafts so watch this space.......

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